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Discover how to grow or autorestore teeth

For many people in the world to go to the dentist is to attend a session of torture with needles, extraction tools and the characteristic noise of the strawberry that is the most frightening when manipulated by a being masked with gloves and protection from head to toe as s I tried to open his mouth to a lion or a taipan snake.

Tips to be more productive and efficient

The time at work is not enough for me! ... and you can be up to 14 hours per day. Time to ask yourself about what you do wrong to not achieve the goals in your normal day of work, because it does not reach the expected results, no longer has personal life and the worst your job may be at risk of continuing like this.

Wounds healing larvae

Waiter there is a fly in my soup an expression that today should not worry you because it may be a tropical fly of the species Lucilia It would exonerate A blood-mode contains a substance called hemolinfo With special anti-bacterial properties used for a long time to heal wounds, very applied during the First World War... a whole medical treasure.

Sugar Poisons Your Brain

Every time you eat sugar in any presentation such as ice cream, biscuits, biscuits... among so many temptations of consumption think first of your brain and Alzheimer's because contrary to what was believed the organ can be damaged in the long term with high levels of glucose and begin to fail in their levels of memory.

Coffee grounds have an antioxidant capacity 500 times that of vitamin C

Scientists from the University of Granada and the Zaidín Experimental Station (CSIC) have discovered that coffee grounds have a very high antioxidant capacity, up to 500 times higher than vitamin C, and can be reused to develop functional foods with great healthy qualities for humans.

To think. Light fattening

Approximately 1.8 billion of adults in the world have problems of overweight and obesity with the consequential health losses and now science reveals that artificial light is another cause because it alters the metabolism when changing the clock That normally fits the Earth's cycles.

The Nuclear eye

A drop of blood contains micro-cellular organisms such as bacteria or viruses and to detect them it is necessary to resort to specialized techniques of "scanning electron micrograph"…

Alzheimer can be treated without drugs

Progressive loss of memory, degeneration of nerve cells that cause spatial and temporal disorientation are, among others, the symptoms that suffer 36 million of people in the world and that identify the evil of Alzheimer, disease without known cure So far and that he disused his host to death.