image News 2018

Imagine being able to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethanol... crazy Dream! For an experimental accident of storing in basalt dioxide that pollutes the terrestrial atmosphere revealed a catalyst that can turn the gas into cheap, efficient fuel and with the possibility of climbing at an industrial level. The carbon, copper and nitrogen alloy with applied energy converts the solution of carbon dioxide and water in ethanol to a nanotechnological level with a quality of 63%; "In a way it's like reversing the combustion process," explained Rondinone, head of the Oak Ridge research team at the U.S. Department of Energy.

One of the novelties of the catalyst is that the use of copper particles inserted in carbon spikes at nano molecular level make it very economical and with clear possibilities of becoming an industry, applicable as a solution to the serious problem of pollution Global atmospheric that reaches 100 million metric tons of CO2 per day. Another promising advantage is that the process requires little energy for conversion, it can even be run at room temperature which would revolutionize the obtaining of renewable raw materials and reduce the pollution emitted by combustion engines, a whole World Discovery.

Por Pedro Nel ladino Monroy -