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The oxygenated water that should not be missing in any house in the first-aid kit; It can also be used in many ways such as personal hygiene, cleaning, bleaching for clothes, etc., it is not polluting and has an economical price. Clean porous floors: We will mix the oxygenated water with hot water and in this way the porous floors are cleaned and bleached. In almost all large areas there are powdered compounds ready to be used. In food: To kill the bacteria and neutralize the pesticides that have been used in the cultivation of vegetables and vegetables, soak for a long time in the sink with a jet of hydrogen peroxide. To disinfect fruits or vegetables and do not have time, use a solution diluted in water 3% oxygenated water, after leaving this way for 2 minutes, wash and dry with a paper towels. To disinfect meat, chicken or fish, diluted to 3%, put the meat, fish or chicken in a saucepan or other kitchen utensil (it can never be aluminum since it makes a chemical reaction) place it in the refrigerator during 30 minutes, wash and cook normally.

Care for the mouth: To whiten the teeth, mix with the mouthwash that you normally use, keep it in the mouth for about 5 minutes and gradually the teeth will whiten. If you want to clean and sterilize the bacteria toothbrush, another method is to immerse it for five minutes in hydrogen peroxide and it is ready to use. As toothpaste, make a mixture with hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate to form a consistent paste, with it wash the teeth normally, with the use the teeth will go white. When there is infection in a tooth, oxygenated water is very good for attacking it, rinsing the mouth three times a day, it gets better and the discomfort disappears.

House cleaning: With oxygenated water we can disinfect cupboards, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc. Also they are cleaner by putting in a spray oxygenated water and water in the proportion to 50%. It is used to clean showcases or crystals, killing germs and leaving no stains or scratches on them. To disinfect the dishes in the dishwasher, put two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with the soap when you wash. If you want to disinfect the cutting boards of the kitchen, spray with the solution indicated above and pour a splash of vinegar (it is a powerful non-toxic disinfectant), thus eliminating germs, bacteria or salmonella. We can also use it to disinfect toys, cages and other pet objects.Uses for clothes: To remove yellow spots caused by sweat on the white clothes, soak in peroxide for 3 minutes and ready to wash. You can also add a cup of peroxide in the washing machine. If you want those unpleasant smells of bath towels, just put in a bucket a glass of hot water, half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and half a glass of vinegar, let it soak for 15 minutes and wash as usual. You can remove fresh blood stains in white clothes with hydrogen peroxide in the stain, rest for several minutes, rub and rinse with cold water, if the stain has not left completely, repeat the above and wash by rubbing with soap, then put the garment in the washing machine. When you want the stains of the shower curtain spray the part that is dirty with a solution of equal parts water with hydrogen peroxide and recover its color. Our plants:

To protect the mushroom plants, use a spray with hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts, spray the plant and soil of the pots. The oxygenated water makes them grow faster because it helps to transport oxygen and not to rot their roots. When oxygenated water reacts with substrates, decomposition occurs in water and oxygen, produces combustion and is a natural disinfectant for plants. We can also use it as a germination accelerator for seeds.Brighten hair: To achieve natural reflexes, mix oxygenated water and water in equal parts, place it in a spray bottle and spray the hair after the shower, comb it normally. Another method is to put some oxygenated water in the shampoo bottle you use, mix it well and wash the hair, in a few weeks the hair tone becomes clear. In the body:

To eliminate the bacteria that live in the pores of the skin (in the case of teenagers acne), apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the affected area once a day and little by little it will be cured, the same happens if the night a cotton goes through the face where the acne scars are, the skin will improve in a visible way. Perfectly clean feet, to prevent fungus from growing on the nails, soak your feet in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide (you can add a few tablespoons of salt) during about 10 minutes, this way softens the skin of the feet, eliminates the bad smell and the bacteria that cause it, this can be repeated once a week.

Cleaner for the home: Mix well two tablespoons of baking soda and dish soap with 440 ml. of hydrogen peroxide, thus cleaning tiles, sanitary ware, pet cages, etc. getting the bad smells removed. To eliminate mites from mattresses what we have to do is a solution based on 75% water and hydrogen peroxide 25% in a bottle with spray, then spray the entire mattress leaving air for a few hours. If the grandmothers want to whiten the dishes (as long as they are white and do not have any type of drawing), let them soak for 10 minutes and they will shine again with all their splendor. Clean and disinfect the refrigerator, dishwasher and bathtub: Clean the appliances thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and they will shine. To disinfect the bathtub spray directly with hydrogen peroxide, thus eliminating mold and bacteria, to prevent infections, you can do it once a week.

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