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Since 1998 with the force of the entrepreneurship, after being carried out by various means: magazine management to the day, Radio Super, Todelar, the Republic, the new century, portfolio, signal Colombia; We began the incursion in our own media with the creation of the newspaper Micropymes, Economy and business. The revolutionary entry of the Internet led us to create mail Colombia and Mail del Llano, 2 good experiences that lead us to the Green newspaper to work for ecology and the environment. Thus, we jumped to the constitution of Fundación Pachamá-EPV Nit 900453592-7 with the mission of performing social work with the elderly (major Vital) and planting trees in different sectors of Colombia and Bogotá to recover the air and water sources in the object Environment. With the Fundación Pachamá EPV born laPrensa.co Digital media that seeks to include positive information as far as possible on ecology, health, science and economics with the responsible use of the Internet and its different forms of communication, including technology 360. In our sections you can learn about unlimited topics that we include in the sections and how you can participate if you want. Welcome to the world of laPrensa.co Independent! Pedro Nel Ladino M. Director


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