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“Comprehensive assistance program for the elderly”

The major Vital program is implemented in Colombia since 2011 with success and recognition of residents, families and official and military institutions as police or national army to assist and regain the desire to live in older adults.


Since 1997 with the name of Casa Normandy was born major Vital in response to the need of the (today) elderly people who by their state of health require a dignified and comfortable place to live with professional care, adequate and specialized in their care. Since 2011 it surpasses its geriatric stage with the pioneering and innovative program of major Vital that focuses on the management of the free time and leisure of the elders with 4 fronts of daily work: physical, cognitive, recreation and playful united to the development of productive projects According to skills and preferences.


MayorVital is formed by gerontological, psychologist, General practitioner, chief nurse, nutritionist, physical therapist and recreational assistant to the fully trained and trained nursing group for the permanent assistance of older adults. The program incorporates emergency assistance and transportation; Specific preparation of nourishing food, arrangement of clothes and room. Service for the elderly with individual nurses, 5 meals per day (optional a la carte lunch), emergency and transfer, laundry, cable TV, WiFi in executive Hábitaciones with hot water to remodel (choose the color of the paint, the Bathroom, curtains color and furnished: bed with orthopedic mattress or semi-orthopedic, sheets and towels; Bedside table and auxiliary with chair, LED TV... all for $3.4 million monthly. Separate with 50% and enjoy exclusive attention.


The major Vital program aims to care for older adults who by their state of health require a dignified place to live with the care and care of professional, technical and qualified personnel on various working fronts: physical, cognitive, recreation, and the development of productive projects according to capacity and skills.


For the year 2020 major Vital is projected as one of the best programs of Colombia pioneer in strategies that allow to improve the quality of life in the integral care to elderly people with services of superior quality.

Contact Mayor Vital

Address: Cra 71 53-54 Barrio Normandía

Cel: 300 396 7627



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“A Caminar.com”

Nature tourism brings benefits both locally and nationally to people and wildlife, benefits ranging from strengthening economies to sustainable livelihoods, healthy populations and prosperous ecosystems

A different life

Ecotourism in Colombia or ecological tourism in Colombia is developed without altering the balance of the environment, we will offer the necessary guide for our travelers to avoid the damage to nature. Our plans for travelers who like ecotourism offer all the diversity that can be allowed in our department of Cundinamarca, which enjoys a wealth of landscapes, flora and fauna. We have a tour of the natural parks of our department that offer the possibility to participate in activities that involve it with the culture as well as a delicious contact with nature. Our plans are offered to small groups with which you can control the interaction with nature avoiding any damage that travelers can cause to the ecosystem. You'll have more information soon.