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All at some point we stop to look at the fantastic nature of the cobwebs and so scientists now manage to create a "liquid wire" based on the threads of these fabrics that are compressed as a substance and extend as solid without losing shape. These spider threads retain their density to go from how much we stretch them because of a layer of aqueous glue that protects the fibers of your center or nucleus; A phenomenon that was research and Planly detailed in the journal PNAS by scholars from Oxford universities in the United Kingdom and Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. Professor Fritz Vollrath, of the Oxford Silk Group of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, explains how the observed technique works: "The thousands of small drops of glue that cover the spiral spider webs do much more than turn the sticky cobweb to catch bugs on the fly. Surprisingly, each of these drops holds enough strength on its watery surface to roll pieces of thread. "

This behavior is what allows the threads to stretch and return to their being, remaining "tight" or contained within the drops at all times, "as we can see and check in the cobwebs of our gardens," adds Vollrath. The researchers achieved a product with a few drops of special oil and a plastic filament that was rolled up and stretched in each drop as a movement was made with the artificial thread as well as the rope arachnid. The application opens a number of possibilities for its use as the manufacture of reversible micro motors or stretchable self-tensioning systems, the publication indicates. And as if it were not enough the scientific group discovered that the glue of the spider web leads the electricity that draws to its trap particles or insects with electrostatic charge, factor that could be the solution to clean the air of contamination. In addition, other research groups in the United States and Europe explore the use of their extraordinary strength to create materials capable of withstanding high-speed collisions or even bullets in vests and safety garments; A whole new world enclosed in the arachnid threads that seeks to be discovered for humanity.