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Bogota has 20,046 units (49.6% of the offer in the region) while in Cundinamarca there are 20,381 units available for sale (50.4% of the offer in the area). The launches in the region showed a fall of 19.9% ​​in the first nine months of the year. By segments, Social Interest Housing (VIS) presented a contraction of 31.1%, from 17,387 units launched in 2016 to 11,978 in 2017. In turn, housing other than VIS (Non-VIS) presented a negative variation of 14.6% with 5,436 fewer units than in 2016 when 37,209 were launched. In the capital, the VIS segment showed a drop of 71%, as a base effect of comparing the 10,016 units launched to September 2016 (which includes the 6,129 units of the Campo Verde project) compared to 2,943 units during the year to September. 2017, while in the Non-VIS segment a drop of 14% was evidenced. In Cundinamarca the number of social housing units launched so far this year increased, with a positive variation of 23%. The municipalities of Fusagasugá, Tocancipá and Girardot were the ones that launched the most VIS units. In contrast, the Non-VIS segment fell 16%.

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