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Ecological and Environmental News

Planting trees in wetlands Juan Amarillo

With the support of the District secretariat of Environment Plantarémos de-a 100-trees per day and vigilarémos their development for two years to ensure the success of each specimen...

Experimental accident could save the planet

Imagine being able to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethanol... crazy Dream! For an experimental accident of storing in basalt dioxide that pollutes the terrestrial atmosphere revealed a catalyst that can turn the gas into cheap, efficient fuel and with the possibility of climbing at an industrial level.

Bicycles with recycled plastic bottles

With 200 plastic bottles you can get a bicycle frame, tough, light and of course ecological and healthy without welding, no paint, very attractive to the view of the people who want your body and the planet.

Algae for paving roads

The construction of a road today depends entirely on the oil that is used universally as a highly polluting fossil fuel, expensive and difficult to obtain. That is why there are several researches in the world to replace the raw material not only for asphalt tape but also for mobile propulsion.

Phosphorus ignites the agriculture of the world

When you talk about phosphorus maybe the first thing you think about is fire but we forget that without it the earth would not produce a gram of food for humanity, is a mineral vital for the development of crops. 85% of the soils in Colombia have a deficiency of the element so it touches importing it with high costs to produce food.

Revolutionary electric motorcycle that uses Solar and wind energy

The technologies already exist, it is possible to do without the conventional polluting engines only lack political will, something that for the moment we are far from getting.