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Super Threads of Life

All at some point we stop to look at the fantastic nature of the cobwebs and so scientists now manage to create a "liquid wire" based on the threads of these fabrics that are compressed as a substance and extend as solid without losing shape.

Live 3d Soccer

Football fans should be happy because soon you could watch the Games live... but in 3d without special lenses, the natural, and the imagination is triggered by watching the ball come towards you or try to dodge the blow; Almost like entering the court itself to play.

The smallest light bulb in the world

To achieve this, they attached small strips of graphene to metal electrodes, suspended the strips above the substrate, and passed a stream through the filaments to make it calentasen. The study is published in Nature Nanotechnology.

A film can solve humanity's problems

The material 200 times more resistant than steel and with countless applications still seeks to specialize in a single sector to lower costs and extend its use among the common people because very few know or know something of the graphene, material discovered in The 2004 that could revolutionize the world but still not known how on an industrial scale.

The Zeppelin returns to furrow the skies

The airships became famous almost 100 years ago, but disappeared by the most sound air disaster of all time to burn the Hindenburg that could be the last of its kind in the United States

Non-carbonated water for the car

As things go in the not too distant future we will be able to "tank" the wagon with water anywhere on the planet,-even on Mars-because the investigations to break down the H2O and take advantage of the hydrogen without danger as mechanical fuel advance in Different fronts and scientific institutions.

They create Metal that floats

If the Titanic is built with a polymer matrix it would never have sunk and on the contrary, even today, it would be furrowing the seas of the world and its historical legend would not have consumed so much paper with its chronicles, records and subjects even of science fiction because there is a New metallic compound floating in the water.

The world's smallest computer

A 2-millimeter-sized computer with a solar cell that propels it almost perpetually with minimal light as a source of energy, is the new machine, the world's smallest computer so far built that have managed to build scientists from the University of Mic Higan in the U.S.